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Get your own credit report and credit score online now, or check the credit status of any UK business or person. To see your credit report now just enter your details online. Our corporate credit information services provide access to the largest credit reference information database in the UK.

With credit data on over five million UK businesses, and 44 million UK consumers, no credit reporting service offers more coverage.

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For First Report Company Credit Checks - commercial credit checks on any UK business or consumer

When your business needs to make quick and accurate decisions about the credit status of businesses that you deal with, our partner services can provide a credit report online. Financial directors, credit managers and financial controllers can all benefit from quality data and accurate risk assessment. Each credit status report includes a sophisticated risk score which helps you identify risk and apply credit limits that manage that risk.

As well as investigating your subject company, you can also check the credit status of any parent or holding companies. The company directors profiles also reveal other corporate connections and interests.

Fast and efficient. Probably the easiest way to see your own credit file and check the credit status information held about you on the credit reference agency files. Enter your details and pay by credit card - and your credit report is displayed straight away. 10/10

My Credit Report
Consumers can now view their own credit reference files online, correct any errors or omissions, and ensure that all the data contained on your records is up-to-date and accurate. To get your credit report you need to have a valid credit card and provide your full name and address details.

  • See the same credit report which the credit agency provides when you are credit checked
  • Lets you correct any errors and make sure your file is not out of date
  • The opportunity to add your own statement to explain any aspect that may need clarification or context

Business Credit Reports
For business credit managers we offer access to reliable and accurate credit reports on sole traders, partnerships, and Limited companies.

World-Wide Credit Reports
For over a decade our partner credit agency services have been market leaders in providing company information and credit reports. Trading with overseas businesses can involve additional risk but you can search companies wherever you do business. has agents which are experts in their own country and can deliver your credit report faster than other services. The credit report will be researched and investigated specifically to meet your enquiry and ensure the most up-to-date overview and financial information available. The research agents have detailed knowledge of the most reliable company information sources in their country. Your interest in the subject company is not disclosed and not even the appointed agents in the country need to know your identity.

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Get your credit report now and you can instantly check all the information compiled about you on your credit files.
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Credit File Monitoring
Monitoring your credit report can alert you to suspicious activity on your credit file and signs of identity theft
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For Business
Business credit rating reports to confirm the credit worthiness of your key domestic credit exposure clients and suppliers
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Credit Report
We have over two decades of experience of credit report services and along with our partner website Credit Report we provide access to both commercial corporate and consumer credit reports. We work with market leading company and consumer credit report provides.

I've never taken credit, does this make me a good credit risk?
If you’ve never accepted credit agreements or loans, you may think that you'll automatically get a good credit score. You may also imagine that you would naturally qualify for the lowest interest rates and competitive deals. Lenders should be falling over themselves in order to have you as a customer. You may think that someone who has absolutely no history of debt would be a highly attractive proposition to lenders. However, the opposite is often the case. The lenders often prefer to deal with people that have had credit in the past and have some track record. They will obtain a credit report on you and expect to see some credit history and repayment records. If your credit report has none, they may be wary. The lenders like to see a history of making repayments on time and in full, but if you’ve never had a credit arrangement then they have no real way to know how you’ll make payments in the future. On this basis they may even reject your application for credit. In this position you may need to start by applying for small, low risk amounts of credit for which you will be deemed an acceptable risk even without any credit history on your credit report. After building up a credit history, your credit report will show that you have had credit, and if you have repaid consistently and never missed any payment, your credit report will appear more positive to lenders in the future.

What about the credit blacklist?
There is no credit blacklist. The idea that there is a single source which lists people that have had credit problems or who are considered to be not credit worthy, is a fallacy. The credit score on your credit report doesn’t take account of your address or your race or ethnic origin, religion or gender. The factors on your credit report that will influence your credit standing include your repayment history and how much you already owe.

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