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Business Credit Reports

Our business credit report service is provided by one of the most established names in UK credit report circles. The London based credit agency First Report provides access to the largest and most detailed database of business and credit data.

Your first line of protection against slow payments and defaults is your business credit report. You need to select a provider that will give you exactly the information you need upon which to base credit decisions, set credit limits, and control credit risk. Our partner service provides credit reports which are accurate and give you a jargon free overview of your target company.

The credit report goes beyond Companies House information, credit reports also contain analysis based on payment performance information. The result is a degree of detail and accuracy that enables you to act with more confidence when making your decisions. The information is among the most up-to-date available. The data is updated daily, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year. An accurate, up-to-date credit report gives you the tools with which to make more informed decisions - which means a better and more profitable relationship with customers too.

Some services include:

  • Profiles and financial analysis on any UK Limited company
  • Credit reports and background information on sole traders and partnership concerns
  • World-wide credit report network for trade investigations outside the UK
  • Director and management information
  • Monitoring and alerts for critical events on corporate companies
  • Business consumer credit checking services

All the services we offer are provided by top credit reference service providers. We have selected our partners so that we are able to provide the very best credit report services. For a one-off enquiry you can purchase a single credit report by credit card, or for regular checks you can have an online account with an annual licence.

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Consumer Credit Report
For consumer credit reporting, our service provides one-stop access to detailed credit reports on UK consumers. A gateway to a leading consumer credit reference agency gives you this information faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. Whether you require consumer credit reports for basic identification checks and ID verification and authentication service, or for in-depth credit risk assessment, this service can meet your needs. A consumer credit report can also assist business credit managers when considering account applications from newly incorporated Limited companies where information on public record may be sparse and no account are on file. Our services also provide the facility to check directors profiles, and you may also wish to get a credit report on the director to assess their credit standing. In all cases you need the permission of any individual before you can obtain a credit report on them.

Company Credit Ratings
We partner with First Report marketing leading company credit check reports. The credit rating that appears in a credit report is not a guarantee that the business will repay credit up to that amount. It is however, designed to provide an indication of the level of credit which, on the basis of the information available, the subject company should be able to support. The credit rating is normally accompanies by a credit score, or a risk indicator. This puts the credit rating in context, and gives the credit manager an indication of the overall level of risk attached to extending credit to the business.

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