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Credit Status is a specialist UK credit information provider working with market leading corporate and consumer credit report services to deliver credit data solutions. We provide access to commercial credit reporting services, overseas credit risk assessment reports, and commercial consumer credit reports. Through our partner services we assist consumers who wish to see their own credit report.

We offer:

  • Check My Credit Report
    Check your credit status and see what's on your credit report today
  • Business Credit Reports
    Over five million businesses are recorded on the corporate credit database - see Business Credit Reports
  • World-Wide Credit Reports
    Using expert investigation in the local country we can provide a specially investigated international credit report on any trading partner business.

One of the most frequent questions raised by individuals is about their own credit report. They may be concerned that the information on the report is wrong or misleading. Possibly there are concerns that there is detrimental information on file which is inhibiting their chances of successfully applying for credit. As a result, people may want to put their minds at rest, or simply satisfy their curiosity by seeing their credit status information on their credit report. The Check My Credit Report service meets this need quickly and easily.

  • See the credit report which is shown when you are the subject of a credit check with the credit agency
  • Add a statement if necessary to explain the circumstances of any adverse records
  • Monitor your credit report in future to watch for signs of identity theft or fraudulent credit applications
Credit Status Report Services...
Get Your Credit Report
Get your credit report now and you can instantly check all the information compiled about you on your credit files.
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Credit File Monitoring
Monitoring your credit report can alert you to suspicious activity on your credit file and signs of identity theft
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For Business
Business credit rating reports to confirm the credit worthiness of your key domestic credit exposure clients and suppliers
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What information can I add to my credit report?
There is the option to add a Notice of Correction, sometimes abbreviated to NOC. This is something that you can add to your credit report if you can demonstrate to the credit reference agency that information held by them on your credit report gives searchers an incomplete or inaccurate explanation of your situation. You are allowed to explain or clarify something in your credit history if you think that it might cause you problems with your credit status for lenders that view it. So, for example, if you suddenly lose your job and you found that you couldn't meet all of your debt repayments then you may end up in a situation where you have negative information on your credit report. Without a Notice of Correction, anyone searching your files will only see the negatives and they won’t understand why you found yourself in that situation. However, if you have a Notice of Correction placed on your credit report explaining what happened, then the lender is obliged to take it into consideration when making their decision.

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